Acer palmatum Going Green – Autumn Orange


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Going Green could easily be called Autumn Orange thanks to its dazzling display of blazing autumnal colour that will highlight any where it’s planted.It is an Acer that is also great for creating year-round interest. The main attraction of ‘Going Green’ is its stunning, intricate green leaves, opening lime green in the spring and maturing to a bright green over summer. These leaves will eventually turn striking shades of orange and red over the autumn before falling for winter.Small inconspicuous green flowers are followed by gorgeous, delicate red winged seeds towards the end of summer. There is also winter interest in this Acer as its bright green sculptural stems stand out and will give your garden a vibrant colour during those duller months. It’s a great choice for container planting on patios and can add structure to a border.Best grown as a shrub or small tree, thriving on any type of soil as long as it is moist but well-drained, it grows best i

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