Apple Malus domestica Idared


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‘Idared’ is a good looking, versatile dessert apple producing crunchy, crisp and juicy white fleshed fruit. The medium sized red streaked green fruit has mild and pleasant, refreshing flavour. They also retain their shape well when cooked, so they’re ideal for pies and tarts. Ready to pick from late October, these apples keep amazingly keep well for six months, so you can enjoy your home grown harvest well into the following spring. They have a tougher skin than most apples, which makes them harder to damage and adds further to their longevity. ‘Idared’ requires another apple tree nearby to pollinate it, but given the popularity for growing-your-own fruit and vegetables, you can be sure that there will be one close by. Supplied as an established tree, 150cm (5ft) tall grown on an M9 dwarfing rootstock in a 24cm pot, growing to a height and spread of 2.5m (8ft).

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