Areca Dypsis Palm Tree (Golden Cane Palm)


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The majestic Bamboo Palm shoots up tall stems that will become cane-like with maturity. Elegant, arching foliage make this a most attractive plant for a warm, bright room. Dypsis lutescens will reach great heights as it gets older but is relatively slow-growing, so it won?t outgrow your home too quickly. This graceful house plant makes a wonderful specimen plant, softening its surroundings with its feathered foliage, and creating leafy dappled shade in the conservatory with age. Grow in bright filtered light but keep out of direct sunlight. It will enjoy a temperature of between 18C (65F) to 24C (75F). Keep away from radiators and cold draughts. Feed and water regularly between March and September, but do not let the soil become waterlogged. Drain well each time and in the winter allow the soil to dry out a little each time after watering. Height: 4m (13′). Spread: 2.5m (8′). Choose from either 12cm or 21cm pot.

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