Challenger L11 Steel Tray 85ltr Wheelbarrow – n/a – Vaunt


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Vaunt Challenger L11 Steel Tray 85ltr Wheelbarrow The Vaunt Challenger wheelbarrow is a must-have for all users from gardeners, DIY enthusiasts to professional builders, with its extra-strong 90-litre steel tray and sturdy frame, it gives the perfect balance of lightweight and extreme durability. N.B – If loading with heavy items such as bricks and concrete, please ensure that the materials are placed into the barrow tray. Dropping heavy items into the tray from a height can cause the tray to dent. Vaunt also has 3 seperate wheels each with different purposes for their wheelbarrows. The simple assembly allows you the freedom of choice to use the right wheel for the job. Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Wheel This is the standard heavy-duty wheel that comes with the wheelbarrow, with a load capacity of 200kg it is great for your everyday general use cases, such as transporting material around site or taking debris and rubbish to the skip. Heavy Duty XL Wheelbarrow Wheel A broader wheel that can

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