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A zingy, tasty collection of delicious, flavour packed chilli peppers that pack a real punch. Chillies get hotter as they age, and their heat is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The higher the SHU, the hotter the chilli. Grown in pots in a warm, sunny spot such as a patio or porch, or indoors as a houseplant in a bright area, these superstars will produce wonderful chillies from July that are about 15-25cm long and delicious eaten raw, used in recipes or added to barbeque skewers to give them a blast of heat. They can also be added to oils and vinegar to create a chilli-laced infusion! Growing to about 60-90cm tall, these are perfect patio plants and are also wonderfully decorative with the deep green leaves and dazzling red chillies. Supplied as 3 established plants in 9cm pots plug plants including: Chilli ‘Hot Burrito’ – If you’re a lover of hot chilli peppers that aren’t too extreme, you’ll really want to try the spicy kick of ‘Hot Burrito’! With an SHU of 3000-6000, there will be plenty of heat, but no fire! Chilli ‘Hot Fajita’ – Juicy peppers that will give a fabulous hot chilli hit and the waxy skin means they store particularly well. A SHU of a mighty 70,000 means that ‘Hot Fajita’ will certainly make its presence felt, however you choose to eat it. Chilli ‘Cayenne’ – A really good all-round chilli, particularly in cooking, ‘Cayenne’, with its SHU of 30,000, is powerful enough to add a pungent kick to recipes but won’t overwhelm the other flavours.

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