Crinodendron Trio


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Known as the ‘Chilean Lantern Tree’, Crinodendron is an unusual and rare specimen shrub for a sheltered spot in acid soil. Even when not in flower, it makes a handsome feature, forming a large, evergreen shrub clothed in leathery, rich green, narrow leaves. But the real show starts in late spring when it produces extraordinary, lantern-shaped, pendulous flowers which hang elegantly from long stalks. The thick-petalled, waxy flowers are produced over many months, continuing until the end of summer. As well as the better-known, red-flowered species, this trio includes two rare and much sought-after varieties.Ultimate height: 4–8 metres (13ft – 26ft). Ultimate spread: 2.5–4 metres (8ft to 13ft).Crinodendron Trio comprises the following varieties:Crinodendron hookerianum – The original species with vibrant red flowers set against deep green foliage.Crinodendron ‘Ada Hoffman’ – An unusual selection with dusky-pink flowers.Crinodendron ‘Alf Robbins’ – Much sought-after, rare variety – the only selection with pure white flowers.

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