Direct Plants – Medlar Nottingham Fruit Tree uk Hardy 5-6ft Supplied in a 7.5 Litre Pot


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The Medlar tree, is a gorgeous fruit tree which produces small fruits, resembling a squashed apple. The fruits are formed from pretty blooms in late-spring. The flowers are quite large, and resemble single white roses. The fruits are edible, but need to be left to ripen first before being eaten. The Medlar fruit is olive-green in colour ripening to dark orange and red/brown in autumn. The fruits need to be left to soften, either by the first frosts or when harvested in October/November, and left to soften naturally in storage. Medlar fruits are great for Jellies, wine and preserves. Has striking bright green foliage which turns shades of orange in autumn, plant in full sun. Will grow to a height of approx 15ft tall. YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 VERY HEALTHY LARGE FRUIT TREE WHICH IS APPROX 5-6FT TALL AND SUPPLIED GROWING IN A 7.5L POT

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