Flower Pot Pot Planter Pot Risers Lifters Triangle Support for Indoor Outdoor Indoor Garden 12PCS Plant Support,


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Our flower pot stand can double as non-slip feet and can be used for many other items around the house Just slip the knobs under your pots or planters We’re no longer afraid of breaking or tripping over legs and shelves with the flowerpot legs Extra height allows for easy cleaning of soil deposits at the bottom of the pot Pot Toe Risers are also used to level pots on an uneven surface Description These plant toes will provide good drainage for any outdoor plants you like. Potential feet keep your planter in a raised position, meaning water can run through your planter without sticking your patio slabs, flooring, or tiles. Our plant stands do not have to be used for flower pots only! Features Color: coffee. Material: plastic. Size: 2.75×2.16×0.9inch. You can use pot toes at the bottom of furniture to prevent floor scratches Use the plant pot on decorative items at home to avoid scratching the surface Our flowerpot feet are always hidden under the pots Flowerpot risers make your plants

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