Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum Phoenix


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Also known as a snakebark maple, the Japanese maple Acer palmatum ‘Phoenix’ is a dazzling ornamental tree, noted for its bright red young stems. In winter, the vivid red shoots have been likened to the red-stemmed dogwoods, which are renowned for their amazing seasonal colour, and the bark on older stems is striped silvery white, which accentuates their red colouring even further. The perfect choice for any garden needing some vibrant colour, ‘Phoenix’ is definitely one of the most striking of the snakebark maples, and its natural vigour makes it easy to grow and reliable. With a kaleidoscope of colour through the year, new leaves emerge tinted pink and develop a green-veined middle before turning a golden-yellow in the autumn. In addition, its tiny yellow flowers are followed by winged, sycamore-like fruits in early summer. Supplied as an established young tree in a 15cm diameter pot, ready to be potted on or planted out.

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