Large circa 5-6ft Grape Vine – Vitis vinifera ‘Alphonse Lavallée’


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BLACK FRIDAY IN JULY – Usually 59.99, today just 29.99 – Save £30!Alphonse Lavallee is a dark-skinned grape variety used both as a table grape and as a wine grape. It was developed by and named after Alphonse Lavallee, the son of the noted French industrialist (also named Alphonse Lavallee), who co-founded the Ecole Centrale Paris. The variety is a crossing of Muscat Hamburg and Kharistvala Kolkhuri – an obscure variety from the Georgian Republic.Alphonse Lavallee grapes are used in only a small number of wines around the world, the most interesting examples being made by the Hatten winery on the island of Bali, Indonesia. They are used there for making a variety of styles including dry, semi-dry and sparkling wines, all of which are united by an undeniably tropical, fruity nose – aromas that are particularly appropriate to Indonesia’s climate and equatorial latitude. The Alphonse Lavallee’s lightly pigmented flesh makes the variety a good choice for rosé wines as we

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