Colnk – Lawn Mower Blade 6 Blades Metal Brush Knife Blade Mower Blade Home Garden Lawn Mower Head Mower Blade 1 Piece (Black)


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Material: Tungsten Carbide. Color: Red, Dark Gray. Tooth Blade Color: Random. Mounting Hole Diameter: Approx. 25.4mm / 1 inch. Diameter: approx. 245 mm / 9.65 inch. Blade length: approx. 56 mm / 2.21 inch. Style : six toothed blades. Features: 1. Carbide is used, which is durable and has a long service life. 2. High hardness, sharp, more durable, easy to install and easy to use. 3. Bilateral interlocking, available on both sides, 360° without dead angle cut. 4. The blade is free to rotate when encountering resistance such as stone. 5. Cut more evenly and weed more thoroughly. 6. Practical alternative to the trimmer. 7. Suitable for horticultural or agricultural purposes. 8, for all cutters that accept 25.4mm blades. Package includes: 1 * serrated Six blade trimmer head.

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