Lycium barbarum ‘Sweet Goji’


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Goji berry (Lycium Barbarum) – If you are passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle then you are probably already aware of the current worldwide interest in the nutritional power of the Far East’s best-kept secret – The legendary GOJI Berry! They’re the latest ‘must have’ miracle berry in celebrity circles. Said to banish cellulite, boost your immune system, contain more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than steak, this Himalayan berry is quite a catch. There’s one problem though, they’re very expensive to buy. Good news then, that these little red berries can be grown in the UK’s climate easily, keep this amazing plant in your own garden for a continuous supply of nutritional super-fruit and eat piles of fresh goji berries throughout the summer months from just a few, small bushes.The Goji Berry is one of nature’s best-kept secrets. Although this nutrient-rich “superfood” has been treasured by the Himalayan people for over 2000 years and praised for its

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