Mini Apple Tree Malus appletini


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An exciting new introduction and an instant hit with customers, this compact, mini apple tree produces a bountiful crop of small, red bite-sized fruits which will delight all who see them, plus they’re the ideal bite-sized snack for kids! We were blown away with just how gorgeous this apple tree is – it’s truly something that you’ll want to grow. With masses of pale pink blossom in spring, followed by The sweet, firm fruits are roughly the size of a golf ball, they taste delicious eaten whole – perfect for making mini toffee apples! Anyone can have a go at growing Appletini – it’s easy to grow and self-fertile so you’ll get a good crop of fruits without having to worry about complicated pollinating partners – you’re guaranteed a crop of tasty mini apples. The tree stays compact at around 2m (6ft) – perfect for smaller gardens, and they will quite happily grow in a larger pot on the patio or planted in the border – so there’s no reason not to give it a go!

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