Costway – Outdoor Compost Bin 300L Fast Creation of Fertile Soil Aerating Box


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A Fast & Convenient Way to Turn Your Household & Garden Waste to Fertilizer Soil! The large compost bin is designed with a large 300L capacity meeting all your composting needs, which can compost and ferment various biodegradable materials such as food scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, shredded newspaper, leaves, straws, and more ( Chemical waste and plastic products are now allowed). It allows effortless installation and requires no tools under the guidance of a user’s manual. And there exists a large flip door to dump a large amount of waste easily and a bottom latch-on door to get composts. Besides, the composter is made of durable, ultraviolet-inhibited, weather-resistant, and BPA-free PP plastic, ensuring fast and efficient composting all year round and never leaching harmful toxins. Moreover, 12 air vents on each side can absorb oxygen for the high efficiency of fermentation. In 6-8 weeks, our compost bin can turn waste into fertilizer soil, which can not only reduce waste and

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