Pear Tree – Duo Pear – Conference and Williams – Large Established Fruit Tree


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BLACK FRIDAY IN JULY – Usually 79.99, today just 29.99 – Save £50!Gardening Express are proud to present these multi-variety fruit trees, also known as Duo trees, we believe we are one of the only nurseries in the UK offering these incredible unique trees that allow you to grow two different varieties of fruit in the minimum of space. We have grafted them on to special rootstocks meaning that your trees will always remain compact, reaching around 8-10ft at maturity. This means that your fruit will always be in easy reach to pick, and the trees will remain manageable. If you have limited space but have always wanted to grow several different fruit varieties these trees are perfect, with each tree producing good yields of delicious fruits.With the duo fruit tree, there is sure to be a flavour to suit all tastes. Furthermore, with two varieties grafted on to one tree, they can cross pollinate each other, making the tree entirely self-fertile with no need to plant extra tr

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