Photinia Red Robin Hedging Pack – 10 Plants X 9Cm Pots


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Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is a very popular, vigorous evergreen shrub, which boasts glossy, bright red leaves, which give a spectacular display in spring and summer. The leaves gradually change through a mix of oranges, purples and bronzes, maturing to deep dark green. The newest shoots retain a dark red glow all year. Red Robin is often planted as an ornamental shrub or as a fast-growing, dense hedge. It produces clusters of small white flowers in spring, sometimes followed by red fruit – but it is the bright, blood-red spring foliage that really sets this hedging shrub apart. The colour is really intense and unusual, especially so early in the year, and being evergreen, has year round interest. A great and versatile shrub for hedging, screening, or as a backdrop, yet easily manageable in smaller gardens with annual pruning. Grows up to 30cm a year once established. Supplied as a collection of 10 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant. Provide Plenty of Room for Red Robin Hedges to Grow and Develop Thicker Leaves. When planting Red Robin hedges, it’s important to ensure that you give them ample space to grow without overcrowding. This will help ensure that the plants develop thick, complex foliage as well as encourage healthier growth over time. Make sure to water and trim your hedge as necessary and avoid using any chemical treatments or fertilizers on the plants.

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