Polianthes tuberosa Pink Sensation


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Commonly known as Tuberoses, these amazingly sweet-scented beauties will enchant you in summer, as their beautiful fragrance wafts gently on warm evening breezes. You can see why it is used so much in perfumery !! They make a really nice cut flower to scent a room with, or enjoy in pots too. Plant the bulbs indoors in spring to get a head start, and bring outside form may, growing in a warm, sunny spot. They flower in August and September, producing pretty creamy pink flowers, on stems about 60-80cm tall. Top tip for success is once flowered, remove this section of the bulbs, as it never flowers again, but leaving new side shoots to flower next year. Bring pots inside each winter for frost-free area. Supplied as a pack of 3 bulbs size 12/14, ready to plant in pots Feb – June

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