Snowdrops – Galanthus nivalis POLAR BEAR – RARE variety


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SPECIAL DEAL – Usually 12.99, today just 7.99 – Save £5!If you are a Snowdrop fan (also known as a ‘Galanthophile’), Polar Bear may well already be on your hit list!Single bulbs of this very special Snowdrop variety have been going for £17 a piece on some other websites, so now is your chance to acquire this special Galanthus at a special price! Recently introduced, this is a rare and highly sought variety with limited supply, however, our 1 litre pots contain around 3-5 bulbs in each and are somewhat more affordable than other sources at just £12.99, especially considering there are 3-5 bulbs per pot and not just one.This is an opportunity to add a rare and highly sought plant to your garden at an affordable price, be you a person new to gardening who just likes snowdrops, a seasoned ‘snowdropper’ and old hand or enthusiastic snowdrop collector engaged by snowdrop mania!Snowdrops are probably the very first flowers to peep their heads through the ground a

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