Stylish flower/plant pot with saucer Elegant round shape Made of lightweight plastic For indoor and home use for flowers, plants


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The exclusive KADAX brand flowerpot not only satisfies the requirements of pragmatists but also those of aesthetes when it comes to furnishing the home. House. This refined product can be placed in any corner of the house, it will radiate there with its attractive design and expressive shape, which give the room a unique character. The glossy surface gives elegance and fits perfectly in the room. Dragon trees can be planted in the pot, cacti, wild orchids, violets, azaleas as well as smaller plants, e.g. kalanchoes or small maples. The flower pot deserves to be placed in a well-lit room because that is where it will look best. The colors of the pot attest to the creativity of the designer, but they are not garish. The colors have been chosen with care, so that they can be combined with others; they appear simple and elegant. The planter box offers enough room for abundant plants, which makes it possible to use at space better. Our planter is an ideal gift for anyone moving into a new

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