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Wow indeed. This awesome tulip is from the same family as the Tulip Harbor and Tulip Ice-cream. We came across one of the Directors at the famous Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands admiring this amazing tulip variety in bloom. Apparently, he was just as surprised as we were to see The Blue Wow in bloom for the first time. And no wonder!. Although officially listed as double tulips, we think they will soon be listed in a new class of their own, they really are that extraordinary. We like to call them Artichoke tulips – as the huge bloom emerges, it looks just like a globe artichoke. Add some real flower-power to your garden by ordering some of these late-flowering, rich-blue beauties today. We are proud to carry Tulip Blue Wow in our Elite Assortment of bulbs.. Height: 60 cm.. Bulb Size: Top Size 12/+ cm.. • A Peony Double Tulip. • A Real Eye Catcher. • Amazing Tulip!!

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