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Another fabulous botanical tulip from our collection, Tulip Little Princess is a diminutive star. Characterised by its copper-orange pointed petals with black hearts outlined with a band of gold, these little beauties certainly pack a punch. Tulip Little Princess will naturalise easily and come back year on year.. Botanical tulips open early, flower beautifully and have many great characteristics. Botanical tulips are very low growing and boast bright colours that make them particularly eye catching in early spring. The striped leaves of many varieties also add to their appeal. Another important factor: these ‘wild’ tulips are exceedingly resilient to adverse weather.. In early spring, when the garden, terrace or balcony has little to offer in the way of visual interest, Botanical tulips can brighten things up straightaway. They are real early birds and bloom before any other tulips. It is not just the early flowering that makes Botanical tulips a good choice, but also their inflorescence and large range of gorgeous jewel-like colours. Added to all of this, Botanical tulips, with their striking foliage and graceful way of opening, look attractive before during and after flowering.. Many Botanical tulips can simply be left to naturalise. This means that they don’t have to be lifted from the ground every year. If you would rather take them out, however, wait until June when the foliage will have withered. Botanical tulips prefer a nice and sunny spot. In October/November, plant them with their ‘noses’ pointing upward and cover with 6 to 8 centimeters of soil.. Height: 20 cm.. Bulb Size: Top Size 6/+ cm.. • Beautiful Ground Cover. • Deer Resistant. • Great Naturaliser! Comes Back For Years. • Loved By Bees & Butterflies

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