Tumbling Tom Tomato


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Biting into a sweet, juicy cherry tomato on a summer’s day is hard to beat! They taste so much better fresh, and they should be eaten warm – when the aromatics in them are at their most active, to give the best flavour. Growing tomatoes is easy and incredibly rewarding – make salads and chutneys, or of course eat them fresh. ‘Tumbling Tom’ is the ideal variety to get started growing your own tomatoes – so easy in hanging baskets, tubs, planters and even window boxes – you will get hundreds of small red cherry tomatoes per plant in summer. Get the children growing them! They are self-branching, so other than pinching the tip out when you plant, there is no need to do anything else to them, unlike other tomato varieties. Tumbling Tom produces a massive crop of firm, round fruit all summer long – each one packed with sweet, delicious juice. Perfect fresh and in salads.

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