Weatherproof Pvc Plastic Tags 250 Pack Garden Plant Tags For Nurseries Ornamental Plants Potted Plants Flowers


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【Product Information】Plant tags made of premium durable PVC plastic, they won’t get brittle or tear like other plastic signs. is resistant to aging, waterproof and insensitive to rain. Product benefits: They can be used to classify and identify plants or record the behavior of your plants. Retrieve flower information: name, price, date, category, etc. Also perfect for gardening, school projects, DIY for nurseries or pots around the house. Total dimensions: 21 x 2 cm, of which the writing surface is 8 x 2cm. Double-sided write-on labels provide ample space for writing. With 3 sizes of adjustable buckles: Ø 2 cm, Ø 2.5 cm, Ø 3 cm. Also suitable for trees, shrubs. Box contents: 5 colored plant labels – 250 pieces (50 x white, 50 x yellow, 50 x blue, 50 x red, 50 x green) , beautiful bright colors for easy distinction. These labels are suitable for all climates. Scenes of use: Plant labels are ideal for marking trees, vines, flowers, greenhouses, bushes, vines, soil etc . – Please note

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